{VIDEO} Irish Shepherd’s Pie

Even though this is a classic St. Patrick’s day shepherd’s pie recipe, it is truly so much more. I have enjoyed some extremely good versions of the traditional shepherd’s pie, however,  this one is one I cannot wait to give a try.

You will see that this shepherd’s pie recipe raises the bar several notches and brings this dinner favorite to a whole new level. From the ingredients used to how it is prepared your mouth will begin to water and the hunger pains will begin to grow. The video below makes it so easy to follow along each step so that you will no doubt easily create a masterpiece dinner that everyone will love.

Irish shpherd’s pie looks to me to be the ultimate comfort food and sure to satisfy the hungriest of big appetites. I invite you to join me in making this amazing dinner this week and not even waiting for St. Patrick’s day. Why wait, after all great meals are appreciated anytime.

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