Amish Friendship Bread

Amish Friendship Bread

Amish Friendship Bread

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This is such a delicious and fun bread to share with friends. The first time our family became familiar with Amish friendship bread was when the family of our daughter’s friend had brought a starter bag over with written instructions. In the following days our whole family was having fun with this starter in working it and sharing starters with other friends of ours.

The process of sharing and enjoying this bread can go on for a long long time and can be quite fun for the whole family. The Amish friendship bread is quite unique and delicious and really works well as a dessert.

If you have children at home they will have so much fun sharing the starter with their friends, building fun and lasting memories that they will remember for years. You can also have a lot of fun sharing this at work with your friends and colleagues. It seems to create an excitement at the office that is enjoyable for everyone.

Amish recipes are some of the most wholesome around – not mention delicious. The Amish are especially known for their amazing homemade bread recipes, and this Shortcut Amish Friendship Bread is absolute perfection. If you are familiar with the story behind Amish friendship bread, you know that the traditional bread starter recipe is made in a 10-day cycle. It produces five cups of starter, which must be either used to bake bread, given away, or used to start a new cycle.

This version of Amish friendship bread recipe is great because it gives you a shortcut starter recipe, allowing you make the bread right away instead of in the traditional 10-day cycle. This bread can easily be made with any fruit that you prefer, but our recipe calls for apple or banana. This delightful dense and moist bread is so tasty and goes great with a cup of coffee for a snack or light breakfast, or even as a subtly-sweet dessert. It’s also a great recipe to make during the holidays for family gatherings. No matter when you enjoy this bread, it’s always nice to eat it with a friend or two!

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