[VIDEO] How to Easily Make Perfect Soft Pretzels

Learn how to make these wonderful old fashioned soft pretzels at home. These are so delicious when they are fresh and sprinkled with sea salt or cinnamon and sugar. This detailed video takes you through every step of the process and is so easy to follow that yu will have it all down the first time through.

These old fashioned soft prtzels almost melt in your mouth when you bite into them while they are hot and fresh, oh so good. Nothing you find at the ball game or at your favorite concession stand can compare to the great taste of these pretzels when you use this classic recipe.

When you share these with your family and friends they will be amazed that pretzels can actually taste so amazingly good. If you have children this is a fun recipe for them to participate in. Children especially enjoy making the shaping the pretzels.

Have fun with this one and enjoy these mouth watering sweet or salty delights.


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