5 Top Tilapia Recipes Chosen by Recipe Corral Fans

Delicious Tilapia, photo by hvpooly, Flickr commons

Recipe Corral fans have spoken and these are the best of the best tilapia recipes according to their thoughtful choices. You are free to save or print these recipes for yourself, but most importantly, try them and enjoy them.


Any baked, grilled, fried, smoked, steamed, stewed, stuffed, glazed, broiled or what have you recipe there is, it ain’t Tilapia Fish Recipes if it has no Tilapia in it.


Now let’s get to know our fish.


Tilapia were originally found in Africa but today can be found to inhabit different fresh water habitats like streams, ponds, rivers and lakes around the world. They are tropical fish and can only stand temperatures above 55*F.


Some interesting and trivial facts about the fish that they rear their young on their mouths until they have grown enough to fend for themselves, The tilapia also, at some time, were released into the Kenyan waters to feed on mosquito larva to address malaria epidemic. They also played a role in the World War II as prime protein source for the poor. And one of its species, the Nile Tilapia also known as St. Peter Fish is also speculated to be the fish Jesus multiplied and fed to the masses at the Sermon on the Mount as the fish is native to the sea of Galilee.


Their appetite, quick growth and breeding, characteristics made the Tilapia the third only to carps and salmonids in the importance in aquaculture.


Tilapia farming has been around a couple thousand years and it is said that farming the fist started in Israel. In 2002 tilapia production went up to 1,505,804 tons and today Taiwan is the largest exporter of Tilapia and the US and Japan being the largest consumers.


The comercial culture of tilapia is almost exclusive these 3 species:


Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis nilotica)


Of the three tilapia species that has the potential for aquaculture, the Nile Tilapia is the most commonly used species in tilapia in fish farming.


Blue Tilapia (Oreochromis aurea)


More at home in salty waters and lower temperatures, the blue tilapia is the next most cultured tilapia specie.


Black Tilapia or Java tilapia. (Oreochromis mossambica)


Very much like the Blue Tilapia in their spawning age and toleramce in salty water, their males grow faster than the other two mentions species.


General Buying Tips that applies only for the Tilapia Fish


Smell it!


The phrase ‘Smells fishy’ is actually to connote something that is not good and that is probably because whoever came up with that phrase probably only bought fish ‘late in the afternoon’ when they are no longer fresh, but most of the fish you will purchase would most probably come frozen. Fresh fish smells ‘sweet’, it should smell a bit different but without the strong ‘fishy’ smell that means the fish is past its prime.


Fresh fish should not smell bad.


Look at it!


If it looks like fresh out of the water, firm flesh and bright eyes and red gills are signs of freshness. The eyes of the fish are the easiest indicators of freshness, if it is bloodshot, like say in tilapia fish or milk fish, then it might be a better idea to move along. Fillets should look bright without discoloration.


Freeze it!


Fish meat is very perishable and if you are going to freeze it for more than 2 days it should be wrapped well in freezer paper. Only thaw the fish when you are going to cook it, thawing and re-freezing is not a good idea.


Tilapia Fish Recipes Quick Tip: Remove the Muddy Taste –


Common with fish that includes vegetation in their diet, the tilapia fish has a somewhat muddy taste, though I myself have never encountered this muddy taste or i might have grown accustomed to it and probably is the very same flavor that i liked about the tilapia fish but i know others prefers the fish without this flavor.


So if you found this flavor not your liking then to counter act this muddy taste, a 15-20 minute marinating in buttermilk should sip out the unwanted taste out of the fish before going through your tilapia fish recipes.




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