Everyone Loves this Nigerian chicken fried rice

Nigerian Fried Rice, Photo by Hiphissip, Flickr commons

Fried rice in Nigeria is one of the most popular rice recipes, it is easy to make and generally accepted by the people of Nigeria. If you are new to Nigerian foods and looking for easy Nigerian recipes you might want to start with our different rice recipes, some of them are very easy to make as explained below.


I am going to talk about the different recipes of rice eaten in Nigerian and then give a detailed information on making Nigerian fried rice. I like fried rice and we made it for Christmas


I consider myself as one of the best when it comes to making Nigerian foods, I spent half of my adolescent life in the kitchen as a cook both for my family and our local restaurant. During this time I have learned to make almost all Nigerian foods, both the generally accepted foods and the ones eaten by the Nigerian minority tribes.


My story is surely not the topic of the day, just to give you a little information about my expertise in the


Nigerian Kitchen


Over the last five to ten years I have successfully learned to make close to five different recipes of rice with jollof rice being the most conversant. I also have Ofada rice on my list, local jollof rice, tomato rice, we also boil white rice and serve with any of the many stew recipes in Nigeria.


There are so much about Nigeria foods that wouldn’t be mentioned on this page, we have over a hundred different kinds of Nigerian recipes and this is just about making Nigerian fried rice which is perhaps the most acceptable recipe in Nigeria.


Here is how to make Fried rice and chicken in Nigeria, the exact way I made it for Christmas.


The ingredients below would serve five to seven people, you can increase or decrease the ingredients depending on the number of people you are looking to serve.

3 cups of rice
Chicken wings (2kg)
Curry powder (for coloring)
Vegetable/groundnut oil (15cl)
3 medium sized carrot
2 cups chopped green beans
One medium sized cabbage
Half cup of peas (optional)
Maggi cubes (natural sweetener)
Thyme (spice) 1 teaspoon
Salt and pepper to taste

The actual cooking of fried rice takes about ten to fifteen minutes what eats up the bulk of the time is the preparation of the ingredient, I like to use as many hands as possible whenever I am making fried rice for my family.

Continue to the next page for the step by step directions for preparing this delicious rice.


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