[VIDEO] How to Make Fried Ice Cream at Home

This is so cool you’ve gotta try it. I was always intrigued at the thought of making fried ice cream, but I never really thought about making it at home until now. It is not that difficult and it is fun and most of all it tastes amazing. This video shows you everything you need to do in great detail.

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Your family and friends will be amazed when you invite themn over for some fried ice cream. They may think you have lost your mind but they will not be able to resist the experience.

This recipe does not require very many ingredients and it only takes a little prep time and effort to get everything ready. It is actually a lot of fun and such a unique experience that you may become a little adicted to making this delightful dessert.


Everything you need and every step of the process is shown in this video. This is one of the more fun recipes that we have had the pleasure of sharing in a while and hope that you have fun with it also.

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