5 Fantastic Canapes Recipes Everyone Goes Crazy Over

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It is so fun and easy to make these amazing canapes. Everyone is always impressed with the wonderful variety and they enjoy the delicious flavors so much that they are usually the first appetizers to be devoured. I know that you will have fun with these canape recipes and they are sure to  be the big hit of any event..

When it comes to finger food, hosts always try to make it extremely complicated. Yet, the best finger foods for an amazing party, have always been, and will always be canapes. They’re easy to make and quick to stuff, making them the perfect birthday party food to entertain your guests with. These canapes are simple to make and chefs absolutely love them! Make a impression on your guests with these absolutely delicious birthday party canapes.

Here is the first of the wonderful canape recipes . This recipe demonstrates how simplicity and be delcious.

Salami, Rocket & Parmesan

This is a very simple canape that doesn’t even need the base. You can take a slice of salami (or alternatively you can also use bresaola) and roll it up in a few pieces of rocket with a slice or two of Parmesan. Use a toothpick to keep the shape of the canape in place.

Here is a wonderful canape recipe that is among the most popular. Be sure and make plenty of these for your party or event.

Chicken Salad Canapes

Create the normal base for canapes and then make your favourite chicken salad. It can be a very simple chicken salad or a very complicated one. A favourite is chunky chicken, mayonnaise, tomato and lettuce. Place a little chicken salad in each canape, roll and serve accordingly. This type of canape can be made with an assortment of different salads as well. If you’re tried of serving the same salad over and over again, fill them into a canape and they’ll make the world of difference.

This canape is amazing and is a very popular one. If you have meat lovers in your group you will want to make a good supply of these delicious delights.

Sausages in Thick Honey

This is an absolutely delicious, meaty canape. You need a teaspoon of honey, one teaspoon of English mustard, one teaspoon of sunflower oil and about twenty to twenty-five cocktail sausages. Mix the honey and the mustard for a glaze. Cook the sausages and then once they’re properly cooked, cover them in the glaze until they’re nice and thick.

This is a truly fantastic canape that tastes amazing and classes up any event. You will discover that everyone will simply fall in love with these incredible canapes. This one you will want to make more than you might normally expect to make. They will simply disappear quickly.

Endive with Gorgonzola

Toast pine nuts in an oven for a couple of minutes. Make sure that you don’t burn them – they should just have slightly browned. Cut the outside trimmings of an endive leaf and then crumble Gorgonzola cheese all over it. Also trickle some slightly roasted pine nuts on the leaf. Drizzle them slightly with olive oil and honey and garnish a bit of black pepper. Roll it into the shape of the canape and it’s done.

Every fruit lover can’t get enough of these wonderful canapes. They are quick and easy to prepare and also will be more popular than you may first expect.

Stuffed Medjool Dates

Find the best Medjool dates that you can buy., They need to be succulent and soft. Remove the stones from the medjool dates, without damaging them. Once the stones are out you can stuff them with a creamy goat’s cheese. Cut strips of parma ham wide enough so that you can wrap the dates at least twice in the ham. This is a favourite treat with many guests.

The fantastic thing about canapes is that you can really work outside of the box in terms of the traditional canape. No longer do you need boring canapes that are filled with dull ingredients. Take it upon yourself to try out all of the different ingredients and combinations. Remember to never make your first attempt at food right before the dinner party. You might end up ruining the recipe and then being left with very unhappy guests.

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