Creamy Turkish Karniyarik Eggplant Dish

Turkish Karniyarik, Photo by GurhanKARA, Flickr commons

Here is a favorite traditional Turkish dish that you can easily prepare and enjoy. One of the most delicious eggplant dishes ever created according to many. Discover the fantastic flavors of this classic Turkish cuisine and add this recipe to your collection of top world dishes.


Karniyarik literally means “split belly” in Turkish. This Turkish eggplant dish is one of the classic cuisines in Turkey. The combination of the spicy ground beef and creamy eggplant is very addicting. Its one of my favorite dishes growing up. I remember my mom making this dish throughout the year. I can still smell the roasting of the eggplant and spices coming from her kitchen. It makes me a bit nostalgic just thinking of it.


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