Photo by dbur4900, Flickr commons

Enjoy this Fantastic Greek Pasta Salad with a Twist

July 11, 2016

by Katy Pirnie With your first bite you will discover the wonderful fresh and delightful flavors in this very delicious Greek pasta salad. This is a perfect dish for almost any occasion and is quite easy to prepare. If you are like me and enjoy the great flavors of traditional Greek and Mediterranean salads, then […]

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Classic Homemade Potato Salad Done Right

April 8, 2016

Everyone loves a well prepared classic potato salad. Even if you already have a favorite potato salad recipe you really don’t want to miss this one. There are many helpful and secret tips with this recipe that insure the perfect potato salad every time.   Everyone has a potato salad recipe in their past that […]

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Macaroni Salad, Photo by NoNo Joe, Flickr commons

4 Most Popular Macaroni Salad Recipes

April 7, 2016

You will love these four quick and easy macaroni salad recipes that are quite unique from one another and all very delicious. Rachel found several of the most popular favorite macaroni salads that she could find and shared them all right here for you to enjoy. Macaroni salads are always a big hit at summer […]

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Chicken Parmesan Salad, Photo by Susan Lucas Hoffman, Flickr commons

Giada’s Delicious Chicken Parmesan Salad Revealed

April 6, 2016

Enjoy this fabulous warm chicken parmesan salad that is quick and easy to prepare and only requires a few ingredients. Giada does it again with this fantastic dish that tantalizes the tastes buds with wonderful Italian goodnes while makinging it easy to fit in anyone’s busy schedule.   You will discover that this is a […]

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Tomato Basil and Feta Summer Salad,Photo by neenahkay, Flickr commons

Sensational Tomato Basil & Feta Summer Salad

April 1, 2016

Here is a fantastic fresh summer salad that tastes incredible and also has many great healthy nutritional benefits. You will also discover that is quck and easy to put together even with tight schedules. This delicious summer salad looks great, tastes great, and is even good for you. Enjoy this wonderful salad.   Green vegetables […]

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Strawberries and Cucumber Salad, Photo by Phancouver, Flickr commons

Fresh Strawberries and Cucumber Salad

March 31, 2016

You are in for a real pleasant surprise with this delightful unlikely combination. The flavors are wonderful theĀ  way they actually work together in this delicious salad. You will be so glad that you tried this very yummy salad.   One of the more surprising salad combinations is strawberries and cucumbers. Sounds like a strange […]

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Shrimp Salad, Photo by dan1592, Flickr commons

3 Super Shrimp Salad Recipes

March 12, 2016

Here are three fantastic shrimp salad recipes that you are sure to enjoy. Not only is shrimp good and healthy, it simply tastes wonderful in a fresh shrimp salad. Take advantage of these delicious shrimp salad dishes and enjoy them with family or guests for a light but satisfying meal or side. If you would […]

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Macaroni Salad, Photo by Ryan Kazda Flickr commons

Mom’s Amazing Macaroni salad

March 9, 2016

Summer is not here yet, but I still enjoy a good pasta salad as a side dish for meals or by itself for lunch. Although I don’t have it very often, I like macaroni salad just as much as I like potato salad which is my favorite cold salad to eat. Some people can eat […]

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BLT Chopped Salad, Photo by jmackinnell, Flickr commons

Bold and Beautiful B L T Chopped Salad with Gorgonzola Cheese

March 9, 2016

Many restaurants, as least where I live, have added chopped salad to their menus. I don’t know why chopped salad has suddenly become popular, but may be due to the fact that it goes with everything – beef, pork, chicken, and fish. Chopped salad can be a first course or a main course. A few […]

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German Potato Salad, photo by Boris Mann, Flickr commons

[VIDEO] Authentic German Potato Salad

March 8, 2016

If you love Germhen potato salad you are in for a real treat today. This video takes you step by step showing you how to make the most fantastic true German potato salad. Once you make this recipe yourself you will never look at potato salad the same way again. Take just a few short […]

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Tangy Sweet Grilled Chicken Salad, photo by Jannica Choi, Flickr commons

A Quick and Delicious Tangy Sweet Grilled Chicken Salad

March 4, 2016

Do you enjoy eating all sorts of different types of salads? How about making a delicious and easy to make chicken salad? If you add some of your favorite mixed salad greens in the salad and then pour on some creamy and delicious tangy sweet salad dressing you can create a refreshing and filling salad […]

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Almond Orange Salad, photo by Summer Higgins

Quick and Easy Almond-Orange Salad With Honey Mustard Dressing

March 3, 2016

Okay, so everyone likes easy and delicious. And this salad is easy and delicious. My grandchildren love this salad…especially the Mandarin oranges in the salad. If you have children or grandchildren and want to serve this almond-orange salad, you’d better plan on some of the oranges disappearing before it’s time to eat. This salad is […]

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